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Monosyllabic words read in carrier sentence by consultant M5; reading condition: 'Impatient'

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    • Monosyllabic words read in carrier sentence by consultant M5; reading condition: 'Impatient'
    The consultant was shown the target items in writing, as part of a randomized list on paper. The imagined context was that people are watching a TV programme about calligraphy. The target words were recorded under two reading conditions: the context for the first reading, referred to below as CAREFUL, is that a child asks which character is being written, and the consultant provides the answer. Under the second condition, referred to as IMPATIENT, the child is naughty, asking for the umpteenth time without paying attention to answers; the consultant says the answer again, but in a way that will clarify to the child that (s)he is being rude and should not speak up again. A final affirmative particle /mɤ̀/, reduplicated to /mɤ̌~mɤ̀/ for emphasis, is added to the carrier sentence to facilitate the rendering of this attitude. The reason for asking consultants to imagine a TV show, rather than a live performance, is so that they will not feel called upon to whisper the answer in order not to disturb the (fictitious) calligrapher.
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