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Fonds Denise Bernot, arakanais [birman], 1958, bande 063, face B

Fonds Denise Bernot, Rakhine [Burmese], 1958, tape 063, side B

Vittrant, Alice (depositor) ;
Bernot, Denise (researcher) ;
Centre national de la recherche scientifique (sponsor) ;
Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales (sponsor) ;
Than Sin Aye (consultant) ;
Ma Khin Hnaung (consultant)

(création: 1958; mise à disposition: 2018-02-11; dernière modification de la notice: 2019-10-24)

This recording file includes three songs. The first is not clear and unidentified (maybe not rakhine?!). The second song is religious song for paying obeisance to the Buddha, the Dhama, the Sangha, Parents and Teachers. Rakhine ethnics are very religious and they believe strongly in a Buddha religion. Men and women worshiped the Buddha with this religious song, and sang this song alternatively (from 10:15 minutes to 11:51 minutes). They prayed to Buddha by reciting the attributes of the three gems, viz the Buddha, the Law and the Sangha for getting merits (from 12:01 minutes to 15:07 minutes). They also worshiped their parents and teachers, and shared their meritorious deeds to other people equally. They played music on instruments between lyrics. The men and women sang this song together again and again (from 16:00 minutes to 17:17 minutes). The third one is a Rakhine song for traditional dancing. At first, the men played Rakhine musical instruments and sang the song in chorus. This song includes that Buddha Sasana started to be shined in the Rakhine State. A younger daughter in the family clapped her hands for dancing. (from 17:47 minutes to 20:38 minutes). She was very good at Rakhine traditional dancing. The men sang this song in chorus. (from 21:10 minutes to 21:58 minutes). Men and women clapped in time to the music and also they sang the song alternatively (from 22:22 minutes to 23:48 minutes). This song explains how to dance for younger girl (from 23:50 minutes to 28:40 minutes). They used to practise for dancing after dinner and to tell Rakhine folk tales at night. They often played folk games, sang folk songs in group and danced together so they were happy. It was descendant from their ancestors (from 28:50 minutes to 30:56 minutes).
Cet enregistrement contient 3 chants. Le premier n’est pas identifiable, le second est une chant religieux, et le 3e est un chant arakanais accompagnant des danses traditionnelles.
The file includes three songs. The first is not clear and unidentified, the second is a religious song, the third one is a Rakhine song for traditional dancing.
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Rakhine (code ISO-639: rki )
Mots-clés: Rakhine
Rakhine (code ISO-639: rki )
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