Numerals 150-199

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(création: 2020-06-15; mise à disposition: 2020-09-30; archivage: 2020-11-13T15:50:55+01:00; dernière modification de la notice: 2023-03-08)

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This recording is part of a set of recordings of the numerals 150-199 in Western Minyag (Muya) that accompanies the publication 'Characteristics of numerals and classifiers in Darmdo Minyag' by Dawa Drolma & Henriëtte Daudey (to be published in Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 44.1). Western Minyag is a Tibeto-Burman, Qiangic language spoken in Sīchuàn Province 四川省, China. The distribution range of Western Minyag expands southwards from Kāngdìng Municipality 康定市 to Jiǔlóng County 九龙县 and westwards to Yǎjiāng County 雅江县 (Zhùsāng Township 祝桑乡). The recording was made on June 15, 2020, by Dawa Drolma who elicited the numerals in Tibetan, and Dawa Tsering (ཟླ་བ་ཚེ་རིང་། 达瓦泽仁), a 52-year old male speaker from Tínòng Village ( མཐིལ་ནང་གྲོང་། tʰi³⁵wu⁵⁵dʐo³³ 提弄村) of Jiagenba Township 甲根坝乡 in Kāngdìng County. Native speakers familiar with Minyag numerals over 20 are exceedingly rare and it has been difficult to corroborate some of the numerals in the current recording. Rectification for two mistakes found in the recording: 1. The numeral 155 was mistakenly pronounced the same as 150. The correct form for 155 is ɦa³³ko⁵³-ɴɑ⁵⁵-ga⁵³-ɴɑ⁵⁵-lø³³. 2. In the numerals 161-169 and 171, the speaker mistakenly pronounces an extra syllable -lø-. This is not correct.
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