Wang Lianqing

description Biographical Note: Born in Mofanggou Village (磨房沟村) in Zela Township (则拉乡) in Ganluo County (甘洛县), Sichuan Province, People's Republic of China. In his youth worked as farmer and was member of the Performing Arts Propaganda Team of Mofanggou Village, plays several musical instruments, can sing and dance. Was recommended to study at Butuo Normal Collage (凉山州布拖师范学校). After graduation worked as teacher in Lapu Village (拉埔村) in Liaoping Township (蓼坪乡) in Haitang district (海棠区). In 1986 was appointed principal of the Liugu Elementary School (溜古小学) in Sizu district (斯足区), later as principal of the Zegou Elementary School (则沟小学). In 2005 attended School of Continuing Education at Xichang College. Graduated in 2008, currently works as principal of the Elementary School Center in Xinshiba in Ganluo County. Education level: Vocational school. Languages: Ersu (ISO639-3:ers), native language; Chinese, Mandarin (ISO639-3:cmn) near-native proficiency, Nuosu (ISO639-3:iii), advanced level.
birthDate 1957
alternateName 王连清
gender male
name Wang Lianqing
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