Wang Guangsheng

description Biographical Note: Born in Xiaohe Village (小河村) in Liaoping Township (蓼坪乡), at the border between Ganluo County (甘洛县) and Yuexi County (越西县) in Sichuan Province, People's Republic of China. Graduated from Xichang [?] Normal College, studied 1 year of Tibetan in Muli Tibetan Autonomous County. For some time worked as vice principal of the Yutian School District (玉田学区) in Ganluo County, and after that as elementary school teacher at the Erzu Elementary School (尔足小学) in Xinshiba Town (新市坝镇) in Ganluo County. Currently retired. Can use the Ersu Romanization System, helps Wang Dehe with the task of annotating a corpus of Ersu stories and song lyrics. Education level: Vocational education. Languages: Ersu (ISO639-3:ers) native language; Chinese, Southwestern Mandarin (ISO639-3:cmn), near-native proficiency; Nuosu (ISO639-3:iii), basic knowledge.
birthDate 1953
alternateName 王光胜
gender male
name Wang Guangsheng
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