Wang Ying

description Biographical Note: Born in Mofanggou Village (磨房沟村) in Zela Township (则拉乡), Ganluo County (甘洛县), Sichuan Province, People's Republic of China. At the age of 6 went together with her brother Wang Dehe to study in Yutian Town (玉田镇). After middle school studied at Xichan Normal High School (西昌师范学校). After graduation worked as a teacher at the Aiboluo Elementary School (埃波洛小学) in Tianba District (田坝区) in Ganluo County, later becoming the principal of that school. Also worked at the Bobokui Elementary School (波波奎) in the same district. In 2003 graduated from the Liangshan Educational Institute (凉山教育学院), with a college diploma in elementary school education. Subsequently worked in the Elementary School of Xinshiba Town (新市坝镇附城小学) in Ganluo County. In 2013 obtained the title of lecturer, currently works as teacher and mentor of the Young Pioneers League at the Elementary School of Xinshiba Town. Education level: Vocational education degree. Languages: Ersu (ISO639-3:ers), native language; Chinese, Suthwestern Mandarin (ISO639-3:cmn) near-native proficiency, language spoken at home with her spouse, Nuosu (ISO639-3:iii), basic knowledge.
birthDate 1974
alternateName 王英
gender female
name Wang Ying
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