Wu Decai

type http://schema.org/Person
description Biographical Note: Farmer. Born in Jiubao Village (九堡), lived all her life in Jiubao and Wusu (伍宿) villages, both in Mianning County, Sichuan Province, People's Republic of China. Additional information: Zodiac sign: Rat. Ethnicity: Duoxu Tibetan. Education level: illiterate. Languages: Duoxu (ISO639-3:ers), native language; Chinese, Mandarin (ISO639-3:cmn) bilingual in Southwestern Mandarin and Duoxu, Southwestern Mandarin is her dominant language; Nuosu (ISO639-3:iii) basic knowledge.
birthDate 1936
alternateName 吴德才
gender female
name Wu Decai
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