Lurong Duoding

description Biographical Note: Retired cadre, in the past president of the local committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference at the People's Government of Muli Tibetan Autonomous County (木里藏族自治县人民政府政协主席), Sichuan Province, People's Republic of China. Xumi native ethnographer and historical, language consultant of Katia Chirkova since 2005. Also worked as language consultant with Professors Huang Bufan (黄布凡) and Sun Hongkai (孙宏开). Ethnicity: Xumi Tibetan. Education level: BA. Languages: Shixing (ISO639-3:sxg) native language, Upper Reaches sub-variety; Chinese, Mandarin (ISO639-3:cmn) Southwestern Mandarin, near-native fluency; Tibetan, Khams (ISO639-3:khg) High level proficiency in Kami Tibetan (the Tibetan dialect of Muli); Pumi, Northern (ISO639-3:pmi) High level proficiency in the Pumi dialect of Muli (Taoba); Narua (ISO639-3:nru) basic knowledge.
birthDate 1952
alternateName 鲁绒多丁
gender male
name Lurong Duoding
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