The COCOON plateform

CoCoON for "Digital Oral Corpus COllections" is a technical platform that supports oral resource producers in creating, structuring and archiving their corpuses. A corpus can be composed of recordings (generally audio), possibly accompanied by annotations of these recordings.

The resources are first catalogued and stored, and then archived in the IR* Huma-Num archive. The author and his institution remain responsible for the deposited materials and can benefit from restricted and secure access to their data, for a defined period of time, if the content of the information is considered sensitive.

COCOON helps researchers to structure, report, disseminate and archive their oral corpora (advice, standardization, management).
COCOON is jointly managed by the Laboratoire de Langues et civilisations à tradition orale (LACITO - UMR7107), the Laboratoire Ligérien de Linguistique (LLL - UMR7270) and the Research Infrastructure Huma-Num (IR* HN - UAR3598).


More than 15,000 records

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Data collection, digitization, file formats, naming scheme, life cycle of your oral corpora.
Controls and physical storage of your data on the IR* Huma-Num service grid.
Personal space for the preparation of your deposits, controlled management of access rights.
Administration of the description of your resources, metadata entry interface (OLAC model).
Enrichment, linking and sharing of your resources (Rameau, VIAF, Lexvo, Geoname repositories...).
Long-term archiving circuit for research data (Huma-Num, CINES, National Archives).

The last 50 deposits...

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The map

This map shows the regions in which the researchers have recorded their speakers.