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Equipment: Fostex Fr-2 AKG C 480 B+CK61-ULS (cardiod) + AKG C 480 B Preamplifier (stereo)
Wu Decai recalls how in her childhood her father and herself went to Yihai to chop wood. Her life as a girl. Fineral of the 88-year old mother. The recording is interrupted by Han Zhengkang returning to the room.
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"Trip to Yihai Narrative" 2015. Duoxu. Chirkova, Katia (researcher); Wu Decai (consultant); Chirkova, Katia (depositor). Editeur(s): Centre de recherches linguistiques sur l'Asie orientale. 
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Ancienne cote: crdo-CHK_DUOXU533_SOUND 
Copyright © Katia Chirkova 
Trip to Yihai Narrative 

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