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This is a self-introduction by Phanindra Rai, who is acknowledged to be one of the best speakers of Koyi Rai, even by elders. He is the son of a now-deceased shaman, and as his father taught him the ritual chants, it is he who trains new shamans in the language of the ritual. [As we were transcribing the story, Phanindra realized that the audio recording for this piece was not as complete as he would have liked, and added additional details (which will appear in a written form elsewhere, as there is no corresponding recording)] 
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"Self-introduction by Phanindra" 2004. Koyi Rai. Lahaussois, Aimée (depositor); Rai, Phanindra (speaker); Lahaussois, Aimée (researcher); Hans Rausing Endangered Language Program (sponsor). Editeur(s): Laboratoire de langues et civilisations à tradition orale. 
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Koyi Rai 
Copyright (c) Lahaussois, Aimée 
Koyi Rai 
Self-introduction by Phanindra 

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