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The narrator is somewhat distracted. The roles appear to be reversed in s5 and s6; s8 is no doubt intended as a correction, since it goes without saying that it is the boy (Rhododendron) who proposes to the girl (Alder). She refuses him. The story usually ends with Alder throwing herself off a cliff, accounting for the fact that alders are the first trees to colonize steep, eroded land. This is a well-known story in Nepali, and appears in children's readers. The narrator is an elderly woman, Jayalachhi (b. 1905, d. 1974).
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Aulne et Rhododendron 
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"Alder and Rhododendron" 1973. Bahing. Jayalacchi (speaker); Mazaudon, Martine (researcher); Michailovsky, Boyd (researcher); Michailovsky, Boyd (depositor). Editeur(s): Laboratoire de langues et civilisations à tradition orale. 
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Alder and Rhododendron 

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