A myth of origin: the island of Araki

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This myth tells how the island of Araki, which used to be near Hog Harbour (north-east of the island of Santo), decided once to migrate along the coast of Santo island, and eventually came to settle in its current day location, south of Santo. According to this myth, the island took with it the women of Hog Harbour; this is an interesting clue towards interpreting this story on historical grounds. The modern population of Araki is represented as descending from a former human group who would have lived on (or closer to) the eastern coast of Santo; after some period of good political relations - and especially women-exchanging traditions - with the people of Hog Harbour, that group would have left the mainland, and eventually populated the island of Araki. Other interpretations are possible, however, and the question may well be solved with the help of historical linguistics or archeology.
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Mythe d'origine: l'île d'Araki 
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"A myth of origin: the island of Araki" 1997. Araki. Typologie et universaux linguistiques (sponsor); François, Alexandre (researcher); François, Alexandre (depositor); Lele Moli (speaker). Editeur(s): Laboratoire de langues et civilisations à tradition orale. 
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A myth of origin: the island of Araki 

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