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Equipment: Fostex Fr-2 Beyerdynamic M88 N (cardioid) on the left channel (mono)
This conversation starts with a general conversation between all participants (in Chinese), followed by a story told by Huang Jisan. This is a traditional Lizu story about a child born as an eggplant in a field of an old couple.
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2015. Lizu; Chinese, Mandarin. Chirkova, Katia (depositor); Wang Xuecai (consultant); Wang Dehe (researcher); Huang Jisan (consultant); Wang Xueying (consultant); Ci'er Zhuma (speaker). Editeur(s): Centre de recherches linguistiques sur l'Asie orientale. 
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Chinese, Mandarin 
Copyright © Katia Chirkova 
Chinese, Mandarin 
eggplant child 
Eggplant child 

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