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The name 'Mosuo': its history and implications. This is the second of a set of short interviews given on the same day by the consultant. (With video.)
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L'ethnonyme 'Mosuo': son histoire et ses implications 
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"The name 'Mosuo': its history and implications" 2018. Yongning Na. Michaud, Alexis (depositor); Michaud, Alexis (researcher); Guillemin, Franck (recorder); 拉他咪•达石 (speaker); lɑ˧tʰɑ˧mi˥-ʈæ˧ʂɯ˧ (speaker); Latami, Dashi (speaker). Editeur(s): Laboratoire de langues et civilisations à tradition orale. 
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Yongning Na 
Copyright (c) Michaud, Alexis 
Yongning Na 
The name 'Mosuo': its history and implications 
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