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This is the story of Kaktsilip and his two sisters. The latter, tired of feeding him, decide to leave their lazy brother. While he's sleeping, they put him in a bamboo hut, and jump on it, crushing Kaktsilip underneath, before they flee. Katsilip, who has in fact survived, tries to fish to feed himself, but is unsuccessful, repeatedly turning up only a stone. He brings the stone home, where he eventually discovers that it is a young girl, Wailungma. They marry, and Wailungma teaches Kaktsilip some survival skills. Wailungma learns of the two sisters, and asks Kaktsilip to call for them. He sends various animals to get them (first a louse, then a flea, both of which are crushed by the sisters) before the rooster he sends next arouses their curiosity with his call, and leads them back to Kaktsilip's house. The sisters beg forgiveness for having tried to kill Kaktsilip, offering him 7 pig ribs (for the 7 ribs of his they broke in the hut) and 7 copper pots as a wedding gift. To this day, Thulung people offer pig ribs and copper pots as a wedding present.
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"Kaktsilip" 2009. Thulung Rai. Lahaussois, Aimée (researcher); Lahaussois, Aimée (depositor); Lakpa Thulung (speaker). Editeur(s): Laboratoire de langues et civilisations à tradition orale. 
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Thulung Rai 
Copyright (c) Lahaussois, Aimée 
Thulung Rai 
Dialecte de Deusa 

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