Fonds Denise Bernot, arakanais [birman], 1958, bande 060, face A an entity of type: ProvidedCHO

This is a kind of Rakhine poems. A man recited the poem about the summer view of the land. He talked about the well-known king of the Rakhine State in the olden days. This king was called Sandar Thuria or Min Bagyi (from 00:01 minutes to 00:50 minutes). There are around 4 stanzas (from 01:02 minutes to 16:23 minutes) in this verse. At first, it is mentioned that the poet Than Dwe Princess composed power and glory of the lord Buddha, and thousands of Buddha statutes and pagodas in the Rakhine State. The Rakhine was very famous land because of powerful kings, well-known scholars and gallant soldiers in the olden days (from 01:02 minutes to 04:04 minutes). It became disunited among Rakhine provinces and territories so Rakhine people were very sad about the loss of their lands. They prayed to Buddha for their freedom from enemies (from 04:09 minutes to 07:16 minutes). They attempted to achieve their independence and they welcomed monks from other Rakhine regions (from 08:31 minutes to 10:04 minutes). The man recited the free verse composed about the Rakhine Dynasty (from 10:10 minutes to 11:25 minutes). In the second part of the poem, the woman started to recite the poem about the story of a princess Dwe Mae Naw (from 11:25 minutes to 16:23 minutes). Written on the box of the tape what seems the name of the song and/or the speakers : Langa de Condasuya, Radu de Condasuya, Sido Oa'n, Droe-Mənam, U Tap. The consultant notice that it is spoken in Southern Arakanses, and it is an ancient prose style.
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The file contains a Rakhine Poem (by the poet Than Dwe Princess). The first stance talks about the King Sandar Thuriya. The second stance mentions the greatness of Rakhine Empire. The third stance mentions the Empire fell down because of disunity. The fourth says the monks from all over the Rakhine Provinces preach Arakan people to unite and fight back the invaders. 
Cet enregistrement contient un poème arakanais (par le poète Than Dwe Princess). La première strophe parle du roi Sandar Thuriya . La seconde strophe fait état de la grandeur de l'Empire Arakanais. La troisième strophe raconte comment l''Empire a été anéanti du fait de la désunion des Arakanais. La quatrième explique que les moine de toutes les provinces de 'A'rakan ont prêché pour une nouvelle union des Arakanais afin de combattre l'envahisseur. 
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Fonds Denise Bernot, Rakhine [Burmese], 1958, tape 060, side A 
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1958. Rakhine. Bernot, Denise (researcher); Vittrant, Alice (depositor); Thant Sin Aye (consultant); Ma Khin Hnaung (consultant); Ma Khin Khin Zaw (speaker); Centre national de la recherche scientifique (sponsor); Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales (sponsor). Editeur(s): Laboratoire de langues et civilisations à tradition orale; Dynamique du langage. 
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Copyright (c) Bernot, Denise 
Fonds Denise Bernot, arakanais [birman], 1958, bande 060, face A 

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