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Equipment: Sony XDCAM PXW-X70 Beyerdynamic M88 N (cardioid) on the left channel (mono)
Video for the audio file xumi097.wav. Conversation between three Xumi speakers: Lurong Duoding (from the Upper Reaches of the Shuiluo River), Garong Tshi'er (from the Middle Reaches of the Shuiluo River), and Waxia Danyong (from the Lower Reaches of the Shuiluo River). They discuss honorifics in Xumi and differences between three different subvarieties of Xumi. In the second part of the file, they narrate traditional stories. First, Lurong Duoding tells a story ("Goat's tail"), which is then re-told by Waxia Danyong. Then Garong Tshi'er narrates a story about a Xumi hero, equivalent of Gesar. Finally, Lurong Duoding tells a humorous story.
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"xumi417" 2014. Xumi. Chirkova, Katia (researcher); Lurong Duoding (consultant); Garong Tshi'er (consultant); Waxia Danyong (consultant); Chirkova, Katia (depositor). Editeur(s): Centre de recherches linguistiques sur l'Asie orientale. 
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Copyright © Katia Chirkova 
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