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The first half hour of "Payalpur's Recital 3", a text similar to the "Dowry recital", particularly relevant to women and women's afflictions. Each line is recited by the shaman Ginde Thāpā and repeated by his disciples, the shamans Tam Bahādur Adaī and Dal Bahādur Adai. The recital is accompanied by regular drumming. The full transcription and translation is published in NSOTII:513-528. This digitalization ends with Ginde's recital of line 175 (p. 520) of the published text; the remainder is on a second minicassette Bhuji2000#4A. REFERENCE: Maskarinec, Gregory G., 2008, Nepalese Shaman Oral Texts II, Harvard Oriental Series volume 68, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and London, England, Harvard University Press.
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पयलपुरको खेती ३ 
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"Payalpur's recital 3" 2000. Nepali. Ginde Thāpā (speaker); Tam Bahādur Adaī (speaker); Dal Bahādur Adai (speaker); Maskarinec, Gregory G. (researcher); Poudel, Keshav (research_participant); Michailovsky, Boyd (depositor); Agence Nationale de la Recherche ANR-06-CORP-030-01 (sponsor); American Philosophical Society (sponsor); Wenner-Gren Foundation (sponsor). Editeur(s): Laboratoire de langues et civilisations à tradition orale. 
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Copyright (c) Maskarinec, Gregory G. 
Payalpur's recital 3 

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