Short narrative by a male speaker of Cardamom Khmer an entity of type: ProvidedCHO

Short narrative by a male Cardamom Khmer-speaker, unspecified age, digitized from Michel Ferlus's copy of Marie Alexandrine Martin's original recording.
Court récit par un homme parlant le Khmer des Cardamomes (âge inconnu) - [Face 4-A] Nak Ta Kung Cha (26 mai), Origine des noms de village (18 mai)
dcterms:W3CDTF 1969 
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Court récit par un locuteur parlant le khmer des Cardamomes 
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1969. Cardamom Khmer. Michaud, Alexis (depositor); Martin, Marie Alexandrine (researcher); Unknown (speaker). Editeur(s): Multimédia, Informations, Communication et Applications. 
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Analog audio tape : Compact Cassette (TDK AD), itself copied from a reel-to-reel tape original 
Ancienne cote: crdo-KHM_CARDAMOM_MARTIN_11_SOUND 
Cardamom Khmer 
Central Khmer 
Copyright (c) Michaud, Alexis 
Cardamom Khmer 
Short narrative by a male speaker of Cardamom Khmer 

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