Poor man watching donkeys

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Recording conditions: Sony MZ-R55 Digital recorder ; Sony MS907 microphone
Recording session done by the collector/researcher in the speaker's house. Were present : the colector/researcher and the speaker.
A poor man is asked to watch after donkeys. During the nigh he gets frighted. He escapes and so do the donkeys, and spend all his money. The owners thought he was eaten by a hyean, and are pleased to find him after a few days.
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"Poor man watching donkeys" 2005. Beja. Langage, langues et cultures d'Afrique (depositor); Ahmed Abdallah Ahmed Hamid (consultant); Vanhove, Martine (author); Vanhove, Martine (annotator); CORpus, Langues, Interactions (sponsor). Editeur(s): Langage, langues et cultures d'Afrique. 
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Ancienne cote: crdo-BEJ_MV_NARR_190_POORDONKEYS_SOUND 
Copyright © Martine Vanhove 
Poor man watching donkeys 

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