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Wu Decai tells a traditional story about two sisters and a yeti (Yiga Baga). The names of the sisters are Yiga (the foolish one) and Baga (the smart one). Their mother lives them at home and goes to visit her family. On the way there she meets a yeti who eats her. Then yeti comes to the house of the little girls and pretends and she is their mother. She makes it into the house, sleeps with Yiga and eats her at night. Baga escapes and climbs up a tree in the yard. In the morning yeti discovers her and tried to catch her. But Baga prays to the sky to save her and flies to the moon. Yeti climbs up the tree, but falls and dies.
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"Two sisters Story 01" 2015. Duoxu. Chirkova, Katia (researcher); Wu Decai (consultant); Han Zhengkang (researcher); Chirkova, Katia (depositor). Editeur(s): Centre de recherches linguistiques sur l'Asie orientale. 
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two sisters and a yeti 
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Two sisters Story 01 

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