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The Ersu language (/ə́˞-s̪v̩́ xò/, 尔苏语 ěrsūyǔ, ISO-639 code ers) is spoken by approximately 16,800 people who reside in five counties in Sichuan Province (四川省) in the People’s Republic of China: (i) Ganluo (甘洛县), and (ii) Yuexi (越西县) counties of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture (凉山彝族自治州), (iii) Shimian (石棉县) and (iv) Hanyuan (汉源县) counties of Ya’an Municipality (雅安市), and (iv) Jiulong (九龙县, brgyad zur in Written Tibetan) county of Ganzi (甘孜, dkar mdzes in Written Tibetan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. This collection includes over 170 traditional Ersu stories and song lyrics transcribed in the Ersu Romanization System and translated into Mandarin Chinese.
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