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Archive of primary-source recordings collected by Katia Chirkova. Katia Chirkova is a linguist affiliated to the Research Center for East Asian Linguistics (CRLAO) in Paris. Her research interests include: Tibeto-Burman linguistics, descriptive linguistics, comparative linguistics, linguistic typology, areal linguistics and language contact. She currently works on synchronic and diachronic descriptions of Tibeto-Burman languages spoken in mountainous regions in the south-west of China. Her focus includes Tibetan languages (such as Baima 白马) and Qiangic languages (such as Xumi 旭米, Lizu 里汝, Ersu 尔苏, and Duoxu 多续). She have also worked on the semantics and syntax of Beijing Mandarin (a language also known as Peking Mandarin, or Pekingese for short).
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Fonds Katia Chirkova 

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