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Some of these annotated records are directly accessible via Cocoon and can be used freely for non-commercial purposes, provided that an acknowledgement of the original source is mentionned in the form expressed in CorpAfroAsCopyrightCitationRules ( Others need a registration to be accessed (cf. the original website of CorpAfroAs corpus ( A sample of the CorpAfroAs format and files can be found there :
CorpAfroAs is an integrated pilot project realized by field linguists for field linguists and typologists, which proposes: A methodology for the treatment of fieldwork textual data in underdescribed languages, from data gathering to automatic searches on the corpus, A free, open-source and user-friendly new software, ELAN-CorpA, developed within our project from Elan (Max Planck Institute Nijmegen), A pilot corpus composed of annotated first-hand transcriptions of narrative and conversational data in twelve AfroAsiatic languages (one hour per language), with accompanying sound files, list of glosses, grammatical sketches, and metadata.
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Corpus Oral en langues Afroasiatiques 
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