Emanuel Sebit

« Emanuel Sebit » ( Personne )
description Ex-soldier in southern Sudan. Born in Juba. Arrived in Khartoum in 2000. He speaks Bari as 1st language and Juba Arabic as 2nd language. Language: Bari (bfa), MotherTongue, 1st language. Bari is an Eastern Nilotic Language and it is the major local language in the area of Juba. It plays some substratum interference in Juba Arabic; Language: Juba Arabic (pga); Language: Sudanese Arabic (apd), primary language, The majority colloquial variety of Arabic in northern Sudan. The speaker acquired Sudanese Arabic while working in the Sudanese army; EthnicGroup: Pojulu; Age: 45; Education: primary.
gender male
name Emanuel Sebit
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